A devotee of the legendary sounds that made him, 25 year old Canadian singer-songwriter-producer-engineer Phil Power brings rock punch, funk flavour, raw, soulful grit back to the pop genre.


A one man operation, Power handles every aspect of his splashy sonic hybrid, from the words on the page, to all composition, performing, and recording, right on through to manning the boards. His live show has already earned him a reputation as a captivating and electrifying live performer, eliciting comparisons to legends such as Michael Hutchence and Mick Jagger. At the heart of it all, Power believes in a great song’s ability to move body, mind, heart and soul, to make 4 minutes count; this is not ordinary pop music. 

With his explosive sound, a stunning live show, and a boldly fresh lyrical slant, Phil Power’s arrival spells a new era for the concept of "pop singer" and he is poised to become an artist to watch for years to come. 

For fans of Michael Jackson, Prince, INXS, The 1975, and U2.

“Comparisons to Michael Jackson and Michael Hutchence are warranted…his songwriting is top notch.” 

(Divide and Conquer Music)


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